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You can learn meditation to get peace of mind and divine power, yoga to get rid of chronic disease and become younger and healthy. Palmistry herbalist, Astral protection and Mystic/Occult science on an easiest method through correspondence. Membership also get 10% on all our products. Don’t waste time, phone or visit Dr Jaffa now, he is ready tohelp you. He can also attend to you in privacy at your home but it will be on your expense. Please phone to book an appointment.  Please Click Here to down load membership information.       


ILLUMINATED PATH SOCIETY (ILLUPATH) is a universal and direct path to God-head and for spiritual awareness.  It is true path to transcendental powers.

It is a non-profit, non sectarian, non-political and non-religious organization.  ILLUPATH is as old as time having its Head Quarters at the inner plane of UTTANA LOKA.   In the past its sacred teaching were restricted to few and were not brought to the open.  It is done subjectively to the sincere chelas of light (spiritual students) in the inner plane such as in dream state, telephonically and inner projections.  The reason being that the world was not ready to receive it by then.  

      Thanks to Sri Lord Jaffa who has made it possible to appear in this Kali Era by making himself a vehicle for this supernatural consciousness known as UTTANANDA (Great soul)

    This is age of opportunity and we shall not hesitate to avail ourselves of the Divine reality Sri Lord Jaffa is showing to us all in this epoch.

                         THE AIM

As the motto states; Total Liberation
The aim and purpose of the ILLUPATH in this suspicious time are

  1. To connect individual to the audible currents of life so as to attain self-realization and possibly God’s realization while still alive.
  2. to set individual free from adversities, so as to have a footing to attain his or her chosen goal.
  3. to emancipate the individual from human bondages, evil bondages, mental, emotional and material bondages, so as to attain samadhi (Enlightenment)

                                 SERVICES AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS

  1. Intense counseling, teaching of meditation and Yoga science as well as practical initiations to those who have attain some spiritual height.
  2. SATSANG CLASSES AND TEMPLE  activities.  Otherwise known as the gathering of the children of light where wisdom of God are shared with love.
  3. Monthly lessons that teaches practical mysticism and of the unknown as well as practical method to personal achievement.
  4. AURA BALANCING to protect one-self psychic attacks and evil disturbances.
  5. Individual powerful protections from enemies, witchcraft, elemental forces and dangers from spirit world and made levels.
  6. Practical teachings of healing methods and healings of all kind on infirmities.
  7. Spiritual works, such as esoteric interpretation of individual destiny, Inner phasing to be able to perform soul projection and Polarity Balancing to stop unwanted habits, morbid fears and to overcome ones weakness.
  8. 10% discount on any article or book purchased by members.
  9. Mystical teachings, some people reports that charms and miracle don’t work for them, it is in this teachings that one learns the secret of charm and miracles and utilizes them to his/her own benefits and for others.

Membership are on individual and correspondent bases, it is all ages and both for males and females.  However membership is not automatic and are subjected to approval by the presiding master or his ordained disciple.

when an individual is approved his questionnaire shall be place into our MEDITATION ARK, where an intense meditation and prayer are offered for the individual progress and protection so as to attain his or her chosen goal.  

Remember, there is no bound that holds a member, and as such individual are free to join or withdraw as a member

Fill the enclosed Membership Enrollment Form carefully.  You are advised to think properly and fill the right goal of your choice, don’t rush it for this will be your life time goal (s) Return it with individual subscription fee of $50.00.  This fee is used in processing of your forms, ID Card, monthly lessons and other rites otherwise membership is entirely free.

This include couple, widow or widower living in the same roof together with their children below the age of 16 years.  To enroll under this cover, photocopy the enclosed membership form and fill in separately all the names of the members of your family, attach all together and remit with $100 family membership fee.

Remember that this cover, satsang sutra sent are for the entire family and should be read collectively and interpreted to the kids who could not read and write.  Children above 16th year should apply as an individual member.  Person who cannot read or write are eligible to apply and should get someone close to him to read and interpret the lessons for him/her.

Foreign members and person living abroad (Europe, America, and Australian etc)  subscribers with annual fee of $50 U.S. or E30 pounds sterling per individual while family membership attracts $100 or E50 respectively.  Those from other Africa and Asia subscribe with $25 per individual and E40 U.S. per family membership.


Account  Number


                               ACTIVITIES IN ILLUPATH

  1. Every member is expected to meditate on every Thursday night for 30 minutes.  However technique will be taught to members through our satsang sutras.
  2. Every members should follow the formula on the back of his I.D. card and may request for special blessing by sending for prayer request with free donation.
  3. Always try to visit the temple nearest to you for a advice and remember to enclose stamped self addressed envelope and quote your membership number for prompt reply, when writing.
  4. Every members is expected to contribute any amount as his/her hand can reach, pray and give as you are inwardly led to give, God loves a cheerful giver and through your contribution the light is carried to awaiting world.
  5. When ordering items from our catalogue or temple quote your membership No and deduct 10% discount from the price.